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Barbados Kayak Rentals

Providing Everything You Need.

All excursions depart from Bajan Pirate Bar and Restaurant.

Receive one FREE bottle of water and one FREE *Rum Punch after excursion from Bajan Pirate Bar and Restaurant. *must be 19+ to receive alcoholic beverage.

Lite and Glo Kayaks does not promote nor endorse drinking alcohol and operating any water sport activity

Wreck in the Sea

Carlisle Bay Transparent Shipwreck Tour

Explore three sunken shipwrecks off the beautiful coast of Carlisle Bay in a completely unique way. You'll have a perfect view from your crystal clear kayak as you journey to the different wrecks, each filled with fascinating marine life.

You will follow the tour guide in a clear kayak, each kayak holds 2 people.

Tour runs everyday from 10am till 12pm.

Transportation from Cruise Port can be arranged at an additional cost

$75.00 per person

Clear Kayak Rental

Come experience our 100% transparent, kayak excursion located in the Carlisle Bay area in Barbados.  See the bottom of the sea, sea turtle and marine life in our 2 person kayak. Each kayak is  equipped with lifejackets, paddles, safety kit, Bluetooth speaker, dry bag water and after your tour you'll receive a drink voucher for the Bajan Pirate.

When you arrive you will be given a 15min safety and kayaking instructions. This rental offers our customers an adventurous, unique, fun, photo worthy, excursion. 

Rent kayaks for 1 hour between 1pm till 4pm. Price is $45 per person. Double and single kayaks available.

*If no tours are running, kayaks can be available earlier*


Sunset and "GLO"

Paddle and take in the sunset as it sets in beautiful Carlisle Bay, Barbados. As night falls, your LED lights will light up more of the water around you, the stars will come out, and the experience will be transformed into a nighttime adventure. As you paddle through shallower areas, the lights will illuminate the sea and sandy bottom of the preserve, and your clear kayak will be a window into the water below! 

1 hour rentals between 4pm to 8pm.

Arrive 15min ahead of time for onsite training.

Cost $60 per person

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